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Please contact me 2 ways (BOTH)
1) Come in and see me (also a good chance to give me what is below)
2) After that (or before depending) send me an email. Either use: OR schoolloop

What I want to know about the colleges/internships/programs/job:
1) What is the name of it? What is the deadline for applying?
(keep in mind that normal turnaround is at least 2 weeks, if you need something less than that, you must tell me in person!)
2) What is the purpose of it? (if a college, any idea of major?)
3) Why do you want to go *there* or do that specific thing?
---If a college, why do you have the interest you have?

What I want to know about YOU:
1) Name (obviously :P)
2) What year you were in my class and which semester(s)?
3) What is 1 (or 2) thing(s) you especially enjoyed about the class? (Certain topic? Group work? Labs?) Be specific, it makes a letter better.
4) What clubs/activities have you been involved with? Either at school or outside school. If you have been an officer or leader, please say how.

If your recommendation is for something science related, then please also give me the following:
1) What science courses have you taken at Lowell? (just list the names)
2) Why do you like science? What are you most passionate about?
3) What have you done outside of classes to pursue your interest in science (clubs, talks, etc)

Please feel free to attach other information (Ex: personal statements) if you feel like that information will help me out. Generally you want a letter that is the most personalized it can be. If you don't give me information, you will get a generic letter.