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This is the website for chemistry classes taught by Ms. Rotter at Lowell High School. The school's website has a lot of information about Lowell if you are interested. Also, the science department's webpage has information specific to the sciences at Lowell.

Chemistry is typically taken by sophomores or juniors following Biology. There is significantly more math usage in Chemistry than Biology, students can experience difficulties integrating their math knowledge into the science class.

In regular chemistry, we use the textbook, World of Chemistry, by Zumdahl. Students are also required to have a scientific calculator.

Students are required to take 2 years of science, but for colleges are strongly recommended to take 3 years. All courses are a full year long.

The 3 basic courses are:

Other courses:
Organic Chemistry
Marine Science
Environmental Science

The AP courses are:
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics (1/2 + Accelerated) (Algebra based)
AP Physics (Calc based)

Science at Lowell